Orchard Place Campus

Orchard Place Campus is a highly respected residential treatment facility for youth ages 10-17 who are suffering from severe emotional trauma and behavioral problems.  Children in the residential program are in need of intensive mental health services, close medical monitoring, and a highly-structured and safe setting. Orchard Place Campus serves approximately 280 children per year with an average stay of 5.8 months.

There are four “houses” on the campus with 22 beds per house. Each location had a bookshelf with books for kids to read during quiet time, however the books were very old and outdated. New Chapters worked with staff to find an available space in each building to transform into a bright and welcoming library for the residents. Aliber House had a large storage room in the basement that we completely remodeled. Bright House had a small storage room already filled with shelves that just needed to be spruced up. The newest building on campus houses both Jacobson and Shiffler Houses. Space is at a premium in this building so we had to get creative. We had a custom bookcase installed in the hallway that connects the two houses. Each library has between 300-550 books depending on shelf space. 

Aliber House Library

Bright House Library

Jacobson/Shiffler Book Nook

925 SW Porter Avenue
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

(515) 285-6781

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