Six Reasons We All Should Be In A Book Club. Now.

by | Nov 9, 2020 | Education

Maybe you’ve been putting off joining or starting a book club with old friends or office buddies? Or maybe you just need to have the value of those evenings away from home reinforced by someone who doesn’t know you? It is time to ponder the very real reasons reading books with others is a good thing for all of us. Here we go!  

1.  It is good for our brains and increases our vocabulary. We’re not getting any younger—so forget the Prevagen and read a book! Studies show that reading increases mental stimulation and vocabulary; provides memory improvement, enhanced social skills, and slows the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 

2. Reading decreases stress. Researchers have noted that those who engage in just six minutes of reading, experienced slowed heart rates and reduced muscle tension. When we lose ourselves in a thoroughly engrossing book, we can escape our everyday worries and stress. Actively engaging our minds and imagination while relaxing is such a great break for our bodies!

3. You can read books that challenge your “typical” genre selections. Maybe you would have never selected that historical fiction book…or that non-fiction one (that I used to avoid like the plague). It is time to try new things! Change is good! You might find a new favorite, thanks to your fascinating book group members…and remember? It IS good for your brain!

4. Book clubs offer the opportunity to reflect on our society and culture. No two people “get” the same thing out of a book, so hearing different viewpoints and opinions can help us all understand each other in a new and unique light. All of our opinions matter. Healthy, respectful discussions about any book create new ways of thinking and teach us new things about ourselves and our world.

5. Book clubs promote a love and real appreciation of literature and writing. Nothing to add to explain this benefit; it is huge—and, just being a part of this love, knowledge, and appreciation feels good.

6. It’s fun to gather together! Whether it’s old friends, new friends, business associates, or family, getting together to focus attention on books and each other is always good. If you have a long-standing group, consider an occasional guest night to add even more perspectives. The added benefits of camaraderie, leadership, and public speaking make book clubs a win-win experience for all. 

So, everyone—thanks for reading our November blog! Let us know about your book groups! Have you had any super successful book choices? Do you have a tried and true format for organizing your gatherings? Please share this valuable information with us. We hope this month served to refresh your reasons for continuing with your current group or fired you up to begin a new one!

***And—one more thing: all you working folks out there—I found this excellent article in the Harvard Business Review about book groups in the business world! Check it out here!


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