We Create Beautiful Library Spaces

Children who are living in a crisis shelter or receiving mental health care at a residential treatment facility often do not have the luxury of utilizing a school or public library.  New Chapters refurbishes and transforms spaces at these facilities into bright, welcoming libraries to make enticing, age-appropriate books readily accessible to these kids.

It is not uncommon for a child without a supportive family environment or one who has severe emotional and behavioral challenges, to spend time at more than one facility. New Chapters uses the same materials (carpet, paint, bookshelves, and wall decorations) when creating a new library to foster a consistent and familiar feeling amongst the libraries.  Moving to a new place can be really hard for a child, but entering a New Chapters library and seeing the same volunteers and surroundings provides an instant feeling of comfort and stability.

Youth Emergency Services and Shelter

Orchard Place Campus

Youth Homes of Mid-America

We Maintain High-Interest Inventory

We pride ourselves on providing high-interest titles which span a wide variety of reading levels and genres; this attention to detail allows us to find the perfect book for nearly every child.  

By continually adding bestsellers and new releases to our libraries, we can consistently offer our children a selection that is totally up-to-date and appealing.  If a child requests a book that we don’t have on our shelves, we love to obtain that book specifically for that child; it makes her or him feel special and allows them to experience the joy of reading a brand new book. New Chapters is dedicated to engaging reluctant readers, as well as challenging seasoned ones.

We Make Reading Fun and Rewarding

New Chapters believes that reading is essential for the growth and development of every child. Volunteers make reading fun with incentive games, prizes and special treats to engage even the most reluctant readers.

We Develop Personal Connections

New Chapters provides more than just books.  Volunteers take the time to listen and find out what interests each child and try to help select a book that will fit his/her mood.  Sometimes, the kids want to read about a situation similar to what they have experienced so they feel less alone. Sometimes, they want to become immersed in a fantasy world to help them momentarily forget about the challenges they are facing in their own world.  It is common to have a child come into one of our libraries and say, “I don’t like to read. I don’t want to check out a book.” New Chapters’ volunteers like the challenge this presents and work really hard to connect with the child and their interests. In fact, most times, he/she walks out the door with a book in hand.  They often come back the next week, excited to talk about what they read and are ready to check out another book.

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